News and updates for the Fencing Club

Easter egg hunt!

There will be no fencing training on Friday 19th! Easter egg hunt instead!

The hunt is on this Friday in the space between the architecture building and the Redmond Barry Building (The other side of the big building where we hunted last year). The meeting point is the big fish like seat - you will recognise it when you get there. The hunt will start at 4pm on Good Friday so be on time or all of the easy to find eggs will be gone.

Arnold Classic Fencing competitions

Fence with Arnold!

Be part of the incredible Arnold Classic. back in Melbourne for it's 5th anniversary. Fence with some of the best fencers in Victoria! You can register here for foil and epee competitions.

Beginner's Course starts March 8th! No footwork session coming Monday...

Let's learn to fence!

For all new Melbourne University students (and alumni and outsiders too) looking to learn the way of the blade now is your chance. Our beginner course starts next week Friday the 8th of March.

Fencing resumes the first Friday of February!

Hope you have had a great summer break, let's get back to fencing!

Fencing is back on Friday the 1st of February. This session is for members who have completed the beginners course last year and are ready to fence. For all fencers who wish to start learning we have our beginners course starting in march!

There will be training on Grand Final Day 28th September

You can still fence despite the public holiday!

In case you didn't know September 28th is a public holiday for Melbourne in anticipation of the AFL Grand Final! Despite this, the Melbourne University Sport Center is still open and that means there will be training on that Friday, see you there!

No footwork this Monday

No training notice:

There will be no footwork training on Monday the 3rd of September!

Foil ladder started!

Thank you to everyone who's joined the ladder!

The MU Fencing foil ladder has officially started! Check out the the initial rankings. Best of luck to all participants, we hope you smash your fencing goals this semester!