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What is the art of fencing all about?

The art of fencing

Fencing has a long and rich history beginning as far back as the Renaissance and has evolved from a deadly way to settle a score to a complex sport combining accuracy, strategy and speed. Often refereed to as 'Physical Chess', fencing bouts are characterised by flurries of speed, highly acrobatic movements and lightening-fast blade work, the main objective being to effectively score 15 points against your opponent before they score that number on you.

How to swordfight

Fencing bouts take place on a 'piste', an area about 14 meters long by 1.8 meters wide with both competitors hooked up to an electronic scoring box to aide the referee in awarding points. Rules vary for Foil, Epée and Sabre, including 'right of way' on who can score a point and what areas of the body a point can be scored on. Melbourne University Fencing Club is a Foil and Epée club.


When most people start fencing, they start with Foil. Starting with Foil gives the best grounding for learning form and footwork. Points are scored in foil by touching your opponent with the tip of the blade within the target area. Foil technique concentrates on strong defense and fast attacks. Priority is an important consideration for foil fencing. When engaged in a bout, a fencers 'right of way' is critical in scoring touches for a fencer. Foils and foil equipment are provided by MU Fencing club when you sign up.


Epée is a stiffer and heavier weapon and because points are scored in Epée by touching your opponent anywhere on the body, there is no need for a lame.  There are also no rules governing right-of-way as in Sabre or Foil, so points are awarded solely on who touches who first. Epée emphasizes timing, point control and strong counter attacks.

About the club

The Melbourne University Fencing Club was established in 1946 and is one of the oldest fencing clubs in Victoria. It was one of the first four University Clubs in Australia and though small, remains one of the leading university fencing clubs in the country. Over the years the club has been privilidged with working with world class coaches who have either coached Austraian teams for international competition or competed themselves at World Championchips, Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Fencing is a great way to meet new people and learn a new skill or expand on existing ones. Melbourne University Fencing Club has a friendly environment and we welcome persons of all fitnes levels to join us on our training nights.

Admins as well as Fencers!

Georgia Fitzpatrick

David Chachs

Nicholas Zeitoun

Chris Jones

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