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Beginner Fencers

I've never fenced before, can I start at Melbourne University Fencing Club?

Yes! Our club is always open to fencers of any level. Our only condition for members new to fencing is that you complete our beginner's course. The course provides 8 practical lessons with our resident coach for an introduction to and learning the basics of fencing. Once you have completed the course, you are free to attend any and all of our fencing sessions and fence with the rest of us!

When and how do I start the beginners course?

We run the course twice during the academic year. Both courses commence at the start of the semesters. To join, please attend one of our Friday sessions and complete the membership sign-up process. Please note that you must join at the start of the course. Beginners will not be able to join the course or the club mid-way through a course. To find when our next beginners course starts, please see our news & updates page.

Do I need my own equipment to fence?

Nope. At our club we provide all the necessary equipment you need to fence. As a beginner you might not be using the full gear and blades to start out, but once you have completed the course, you will be able to use any club gear to bout on full electrics. For more information on equipment provided please see our equipment page.

How much does it cost to join the club?

Our annual club membership fee is $100AUD for Melbourne University students. For non Melbourne University students our fee is $160AUD. This amount gives you full membership for the entirety of the academic year.
In addition to the membership fee there is a $30AUD price for the beginners course.

Who is eligible to join the club?

As a social club, we support any and all who wish to try out fencing. Our club is mostly comprised of university students and alumni. Even if you are not affiliated with the university or fencing we invite you to come try the sport! For beginner fencers under the age of 18 or not enrolled in university we would recommend Fencing Victoria (the regional state association for fencing) as an alternative excellent place to start your fencing journey.

Experienced Fencers

I've learned/trained fencing elsewhere, can I join the club?

Yes. If you already know how to fence and have done so at a previous club or location you can join our club at anytime. To join the club, please attend one of our Friday sessions and speak to a committee member to complete your sign up.

How can I join the club?

To join the club you need to pay your membership fee and complete the sign up form. Registration and payment needs to be completed with one of our committee members at the start of one of our training sessions. For more information on membership fees and how to sign up please don't hesitate to contact us.

At what competitive level does the club train at?

The Melbourne University Fencing Club is predominantly a social club. Our members love to come fence and have fun! Although we do have amongst our ranks some state-wide and nationally ranked fencers, our training sessions are not geared towards high-performance or competitive fencing. So if you want to fence in a relaxed and socially-orientated atmosphere, this is the club for you!

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