Fencing swords and armor for training

Equipment provided

Your Own Gear

Looking to buy fencing equipment? Generally no fencing equipment is manufactured in Australia so everything is imported from overseas. There are also very few local suppliers in Melbourne and they tend to only stock a small range of items so the opportunity to physically see items is limited. This makes purchasing equipment difficult, especially for clothing, as it's not always easy to know what you want or what size you need.

Where to Find Gear

A small selection of equipment suppliers are included below (there are others). If ordering from overseas sources directly we recommend that you do some research first and ask other people about equipment they have already bought before placing orders, especially to guage sizes. Also, international shipping can be expensive so it can be beneficial to combine orders if a couple of people are looking to buy. Ask around the club for volunteers.

You only require basic level equipment ("Club" or 350N clothing) when you first start fencing. Although please be aware of the equipment requirements for competitions in Victoria. All Open-level events now require FIE (800N) clothing.

Local Suppliers

Victorian Fencing Academy

Price List and Size Chart

Electronics for Fencing

Imported Equipment. You can order directly from these suppliers of our coach Chris may be able to source the items for you and deliver them to club training.

Overseas Suppliers

LEON PAUL - England

PRIEUR - France

Uhlmman - Germany


PBT - Hungary


Some of these dealers will only accept orders via email rather than through their online store (e.g Uhlmann)